We are Maruni-Jeans.Co, located in Myoko(formerly known Arai) Niigata Japan. Since 1972, we have served a good range of quality denim products. You will definitely find your favourite pair.

Our original jeans are proudly handcrafted at our warehouse. We use some unique old-school techniques to create our original colour and texture. Please try our products and feel Myoko’s tough snowy weather through them.

We look forward to seeing you at our shopfront.

Thank you,
Kengo Nishiwaki, CEO of Maruni-Jeans.Co

<Payment Methods, Tax-free>
We accept various credit cards and contactless payments as well as a quick online duty-free option for the tourists from overseas with the purchase of ¥5,000 or more.

<Mail order from overseas>
Please send an email to us(info@maruni-jeans.com) with these information below:
-Product name
-Shipping address
-Recipient’s name

We will send you back with an estimate, then please make a payment through Paypal.

It is available from the following site. Please see Maruni Jeans from the Yahoo shopping site.https://buyee.jp/?lang=en